Nasi lekarze dokładają wszelkich starań aby zapewnić swoim pacjentom odpowiedzialną, pełną kompetencji obsługę. Zdobywają najnowszą wiedzę, uczestnicząc w wielu kongresach i szkoleniach, zarówno w kraju jak i zagranicą. Klinika Royal Dent dokłada wszelkich starań, aby na bieżąco wyposażać gabinety w nowoczesny sprzęt i technologie. Dla nas najdroższy jest pacjent.
W dniach 30.06 i 01.07 klinika będzie nieczynna. Zapraszamy w poniedziałek od godziny 8.00

Daily cooperation is not enough for Royal Dent employees. The whole team of doctors and assistants led by the reception desk team, decided to conquer bowling lanes of our city. The tournament lasting many hours became a wonderful occasion to have a great time together and to forget about ordinary duties. We competed in many different teams but the girls from reception became the unquestioned heroines of the evening. In the struggle doctors versus assistants and reception these from behind the desk took the glory. It was delicious, cheerful and sporty. There will be more soon and we will inform you on this new spring edition on our website.

The courses in Royal Dent Clinic have been flourishing and we have had more doctors participating in two-stage Occlusion courses. This time the doctors from Szczecin, Wrocław, Strzelin and other cities were our guests. During the two-day workshops we combined practice in the clinic with seminar sessions providing knowledge on developing treatment plans for patients with dysfunction of masticatory organ. Both functioning and aesthetic aspects of treating patients with dysfunctions and para functions were discussed. A large discussion panel was devoted to bruxism and the disorder of temporomandibular joint. During the course a deprogrammer and relaxation splint (permissive and repositioning) were discussed and made. The doctors were presented with differentiating tests and had the opportunity to work with an articulator during treatment plan development and the contact with patients.

Even though the courses were very extensive they were also extremely well received by the participants. Therefore, we are planning to provide third degree course at the beginning of the year. Thank you very much for participating in our course, we are wishing you many wonderful experiences using new knowledge and skills.

M. Bartkowiak and the Royal Dent Team

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Another practical workshops on planning treatment for patients with dysfunction of masticatory organ provided by Doctor M. Bartkowiak-Miśniakiewicz took place in our Clinic. This time we had a pleasure to host the doctors from private practices located in Lower Silesia. The course was realized in seminar modules as well as in the clinic with patients.

The course involved the following:

  1. The analysis of several elements of masticatory organ and they correlation within the context of potential dysfunctions and aesthetic defects.
  2. Implementation of standard nomenclature concerning dysfunction of masticatory organ and its diagnosis.
  3. The analysis of handling patients starting from preliminary examination, through diagnosis up until development of treatment plan.
  4. Discussing the principles of comprehensive treatment plan with particular consideration of functional and aesthetical analysis.

The main benefits taken from the workshops have been as follows:

  • The recognition of the meaning of occlusion in day to day practice.
  • Systematization of handling patients.
  • Raising awareness on dysfunction issues
  • Avoiding unsuccessful therapies.
  • The course proved to be a great success as the panel discussion lasted until late evening. We will be pleased to be hosting the doctors on the next training starting next week . This time the course ‘Occlusion in Daily Practice, Part 2’ will cover treatment of patients with dysfunction of masticatory organ.